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As you can see from this picture, the sauna is brand new with a big and powerful stove. The sauna is heated up with wood, which gives the air a pleasant humidity.

The sauna has room for twenty people. Here you have space to stay and enjoy together with your family and friends.

Inside the sauna house there is room for you to hang your clothes and take a shower or wash yourself before you go into the sauna. Here you also have a heated massage bench, where you can have a massage after the sauna-bath, and a small suite where you can sit down and relax after having been in the sauna. There is also a toilet in this house.

Outside the sauna, as you can see under the heading TERRACE, you have a big wooden deck with an outdoor living room, a hot bathtub, and a fireplace. Here you can relax after having been in the sauna, or after a cold bath in the small lake or a cold shower in the waterfall.