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In the combined kitchen, dining and living room there are big windows facing one of the lakes on the comon land. This gives a feeling of close contact with nature.

From here you can see over to the waterfall, the sauna and the terrace, on the other side of the lake, with its fireplace, bathtuband and outdoor living room.

Outside of your indoor living room you have a big wooden deck with your outdoor living room. Part of it is under roof.

At the back of the living room you have a staircase leading up to a sleeping loft upstairs.

You have altogether two double bedrooms, one single bedroom downstairs and one double bedroom upstairs.

The kitchen is located next to the combined dining and living room which makes it convenient to operate.

The bathroom has everything you need, such as toilet, shower, washing- machine and drying cupboard.

There is a separate toilet outside the bathroom, as you can see on the floor plan.