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Master plan 1

Siljan ecovillage consists of six out of totally eleven plots. These six plots, plus the common land that is surrounding the eleven plots, are for sale now. You can buy one or more plots or all land in one piece. All plots are already prepared with water and waste water pipes and electricity.

The cottages (houses) you see in the picture are not built yet. If you buy all six plots and the common land you of course decide yourself what kind of houses you want to build. If you want to buy one or more plots you do it with the house on it. So that every house harmonize with each other and the landscape and culture surrounding them.

The cottages we at Sandvi ab have chosen are designed by a company in Hälsingland (www.halsinge.se ), a province north of the province Dalarna. We have chosen their house model called Järvsö, which comes in three different sizes. The one we have on our website is the biggest one of these three.

Surrounding the eleven plots you have common land. Inside this land you have a road leading up to the different plots. In this common land you also have three lakes (two bigger and one small), and a big newly built sauna with space for 20 people. A terrace with an outdoor living room, a hot bathtub and a fireplace can be built in front of this. Next to the sauna there is a small swimming lake and a waterfall, which can serve as a shower.

The owners of the six plots own the common land together. This common land, including the road, the sauna etc will therefore be managed by these owners together.